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Based on Accuweather forecasts, the gym does not close unless the expected Real Feel temp is 96 or above.  

2018 JV and Varsity Tournaments

Check out the tournament teams entered so far!

NCAA Scoresheet training powerpoint

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Phirebirds Volleyball Club

Phone: 315-552-1873

    Phirebirds Volleyball Family

    The Phirebirds Volleyball Family consists of the Phoenix NY scholastic teams, the Phirebirds Volleyball Club of Phoenix NY, and the CNY Blast Volleyball Club of Baldwinsville NY.  Each program is directed by Matt Fuller, a 20+ year veteran of scholastic volleyball in the Central NY area, a USAV coach since 2001, and an IREVA board member since 2013.


    Phirebirds Volleyball Family Partners and Affiliates

    Interested in becoming a sponsor of Phirebirds Volleyball Family? Want to participate in your local community?

    Become a  sponsor for Phirebirds Volleyball Family and support youth in your area.

    Contact for more information.

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    Phoenix Sports Restaurant

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